Nicolai Haehnle nhaehnle at
Wed Feb 17 10:23:55 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 10:00 AM, Vadym Krevs <vkrevs at> wrote:
> This is just a small list of what I could think of on the spot. If you
> knew how many users Kdevelop had (dozens, hundreds, thousands?), if
> you cared about feedback from your users (who probably contribute a
> fair amount of time testing and reporting bugs), then kdevelop would
> be a much much better IDE. You'd  probably even have more
> contributors.  Alas, you don't :-(

As far as I can see, you have so far (before this thread)
1. reported a build problem which was fixed quite quickly,
2. complained that KDevelop should be more like Visual Studio when it
comes to project and session management.

The latter is purely a matter of taste, and considering that Visual
Studio is geared towards proprietary software development while
KDevelop is likely to be used more by open source projects, the
KDevelop developers are probably right in not mimicking Visual Studio
more where it doesn't make sense. Also, other IDEs aren't necessarily
a good example to follow anyway (XCode still confuses the hell out of
me, for example).

Your wild claims about the unfriendliness of the developers seem to be
quite far fetched to me. It is my impression that if you point out
legitimate issues in a calm way, you will be taken seriously.

Though obviously you can't expect immediate results in all things. For
example, some of your comments related to the parsing of projects are
quite legitimate issues that probably everybody can agree on. However,
have you looked at the number of developers on this project? It's
amazing so few people got this far at all, and you can't expect
miracles. The important thing is that the things you spend 99% of your
time on - editing and navigating code and debugging - work really
well. Everything else is candy.


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