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On Monday 19 October 2009 23:06:33 Ruan Strydom wrote:
> > What's about them? You need getters and setters for XML? Or do you mean a
> >  XML- KDevelop-plugin? Maybe you should look at Quanta. (although it's
> >  definitely not full-featured)
> For a living I am a java developer.  So I am used to netbeans / eclipse.
>  These have very nice xml/schema designers. They auto complete etc, when
>  you add a schema location they download and import them for auto
>  completion. Whats nice is that they are generic (the designers) and can be
>  used for configuration etc, like maven/ant , web.xml, spring etc...

The eclipse one is based on DTD's, so the autocompletion works for any XML, 
you just had to have the DTD available.

Yesterday I tought about creating a program that parsers any DTD and create a 
QStateMachine, because I tought that this was the better aprouch to create 
XML/HTML support (auto-completion) into kdevelop... but I known nothing about 
how kdevelop handles autocompletion, so I forgot this idea :-/
> Cheers
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