Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé - Developer devel at
Mon Oct 19 22:30:25 UTC 2009

Hi Ruan!

> Can I send attachments, I tried to send a screen-shot the other day and got
> lost in cyberspace (the mail not me :)? Can I send a tgz?
I had the same problem with huge generated files (no SVN-account, too). 
Attachments are allowed, but 500kB is definitely too much. (I don't know the 
exact limit, 500 was too much ;)) Of course you can send archives. (gz or bz2)
> > tips?
> 1) Want to know if its correct to bind against kdevcpplanguagesupport when
> plug-ins is loaded and forms part of kdevplatform? (I did not though, as
>  this is meant for more languages)
I think, that is not correct. You should never link against plugins. The 
design-rules say: Modify the plugin or try not to use kdevcpplanguagesupport-

> 2) When calling ICore::self()->sourceFormatterController() how to get users
> specified formatter.
I'm no expert (well, I've never written KDevelop-plugins, never modified 
KDevelop-code, I'm a noob). I don't know. Maybe you could send the plugin to 

> idea: Also xml and xsd designed perhaps?
What's about them? You need getters and setters for XML? Or do you mean a XML-
KDevelop-plugin? Maybe you should look at Quanta. (although it's definitely 
not full-featured)


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