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Mon Oct 19 18:54:58 UTC 2009

It's nice to see you're taking that so seriously :).

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 7:05 PM, Milian Wolff <mail at milianw.de> wrote:

> Hello!
> So to those that missed the discussion in the other thread:
> -> We want to do another Hackathon in 2010.
> -> The current possible places to do it are:
>  1) Munich / Nokia - still unknown if the invitation is still valid
>  2) Berlin / hosted by me
I guess you should ask for permition first, right? :P

3) Anybody else offering?

> So far, many said that Berlin would be great. I personally don't really
> care,
> as long as we do another sprint :) The last one was much fun.
> If we'd opt for Berlin, we'd have to do it somewhere between 15.02.2010 to
> 12.04.2010. I'd have to clear the bureaucracy stuff before that to check if
> it
> is really possible for me to host the sprint at the FU-Berlin / Physics
> department. I have good hopes, though you never know ;-) bureaucracy...
I'd suggest to better go sooner than later, since we need the time to get
the stuff working. My schedule is not really clear yet though, so I can't
know when I'll be available (so I think others won't know either).

> Another interesting fact is that the Kate guys also plan a hack sprint in
> Berlin. They first wanted to do it in December, but the planning got stuck
> afaik. I've written to their ML saying that we also plan a sprint. It would
> be
> imo very cool if we could do the sprint together with the Kate guys.
> Having a common day or something would be nice maybe, yes.

> To Adymo, or anyone else with experience:
> If I'd host the sprint, what actions would be required? I assume I'd have
> to
> apply for funding at KDE e.V.? Afaik accommodations where sponsored by KDE
> e.V. in Ukraine. The flights where "personal" and each one of us applied
> for
> funding separately.
> You should tell the e.V. you are organizing a hackmeeting how much people
will come and so on and they will say what can we get.

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