Beta3 coming up, this time with guaranteed uploads

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri May 22 19:44:58 UTC 2009


just a short reminder that we'll be releasing Beta3 this weekend. I just
talked to dfaure and it turns out that _everybody_ can upload stuff to
the mirrors :)

I'll probably do this tomorrow evening, i.e. move qmake+designer to
playground as they don't work, tag the modules and create and shortly
test tarballs.

I'll re-use my template from the not-happened beta2 release for a
dot-story as soon as the tarballs are uploaded and will reply to this
mail then as well so people can spread the word in blogs and our


PS: I'll also try to fixup valgrind now so it works at least for
memcheck in the release.

Don't you wish you had more energy... or less ambition?

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