KDevelop 3 and KDevelop 4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun May 11 20:09:26 UTC 2008

On 03.05.08 18:01:16, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you all know, better than I, KDevelop 4 is good in track, and KDevelop 3 
> has stopped.
> So we will have a BIG problem soon:
> Our users will be confused with the new version. "Why all these regressions ?"
> And our answer is going to be:
> "Because it is rewritten from scratch and many old features are not 
> implemented yet."
> And they will ask:
> "What features are implemented, and what are not ?", "What is the difference 
> between KDevelop 3 and 4 ?"
> And we will have to answer those questions countless times.
> So I propose a simple solution:
> - Complete a list of all the KDevelop 3.5 features:
> http://www.kdevelop.org/mediawiki/index.php/KDevelop_3.5/features_draft
> And that's it. Once we all complete that list (I've already done my part) I 
> will take care of the rest:
> Use the list as a starting point for a KDev3 vs. KDev4 comparison table.
> That table will answer all the user questions for us.
> The result will be that we can spend more time coding and less time answering 
> questions on IRC and mailing lists.
> All in favor please raise your arm.

+1. did some writing earlier and will try to do more now - unfortunately
I ran out of battery power pretty soon this afternoon :)


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