Top-level layout of tool views

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sat May 3 07:49:38 UTC 2008

On 02.05.08 10:38:27, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> There's document list view on the left -- it is immediately adjacent to button bars,
> and looks fine. The output view, however, has margins on all sides, which makes
> it be unaligned to the document list, and just looks ugly. I'll fix the views
> I come across, by calling QLayout::setMargin(0), but please do take care to set zero
> margins for any future tool views.

+1, I'll try to take care of anything you don't touch :)

> Andreas, it seems the the buildset list of the project manager also has this problem,
> see the second attached screenshot. I think there should be no margin at the bottom.
> However, I'm not sure about margin of the left -- did you intentionally used it to
> indicate the the list "belongs" to the buildset named in the combobox? In any
> case, can you make the margin at the bottom disappear?

No intention, I just didn't think about setMargin() at all :) I'll fix
that asap.


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