Tool buttons alignment

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Fri May 2 06:49:41 UTC 2008

Alexander, Hamish,

yesterday on IRC Alexander and I talked that it would be nice to have the left side
or the bottom tool buttons bar to be aligned with the left side of the editor area.
Now, the left side is at the left side of the window, which makes it unclear what
that left button applies to. 

I've looked into implementing this, but it's not exactly straightforward. Right
now, main window uses QGridLayout at top level, having the tool button bars and
the central area. The central area uses IdealMainLayout as layout.
So, keeping the button bar left aligned with the editor even if left tool is shown
and hidden is gonna be messy. I think the best way would be to make tool button
bars managed by the same IdealMainLayout. Some questions:

1. Does this sound remotely sensible?
2. Hamish, I think you was doing some big redux of layout code. Is it now done
and checked in? If not, but going in soon, I guess I can wait a bit, and otherwise
I'll just hack on the current code.


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