Name for test subsystem

David Nolden zwabel+kde at
Sat Jun 21 23:11:23 UTC 2008

Am Samstag, 21. Juni 2008 12:08:53 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> While cool sounding names are good for marketing, I don't find them good
> in our modules (i.e. as folder name) because if you look at the content
> of kdevplatform you have no idea what "sublime" is about. The others are
> pretty obvious.
Yeah, I think pretty names only make sense when you want to market something 
separately, and have the disadvantage that nobody will know what the thing 

So where is this name supposed to be used? Just consider how confusing it was 
if the tool-views in kdevelop-4 were called "Shark", "Toothache", or 
whatever. I prefer "Project", "Filesystem", "Teamwork", etc., things that 
allow you having some kind of overview without needing to remember strange 
names. ;)

Greetings, David

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