Name for test subsystem

Manuel Breugelmans mbr.nxi at
Sun Jun 22 08:29:11 UTC 2008

On Sunday 22 June 2008 01:11:23 David Nolden wrote:
> Am Samstag, 21. Juni 2008 12:08:53 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> > While cool sounding names are good for marketing, I don't find them good
> > in our modules (i.e. as folder name) because if you look at the content
> > of kdevplatform you have no idea what "sublime" is about. The others are
> > pretty obvious.
> Yeah, I think pretty names only make sense when you want to market
> something separately, and have the disadvantage that nobody will know what
> the thing does.
> So where is this name supposed to be used? Just consider how confusing it
> was if the tool-views in kdevelop-4 were called "Shark", "Toothache", or
> whatever. I prefer "Project", "Filesystem", "Teamwork", etc., things that
> allow you having some kind of overview without needing to remember strange
> names. ;)
> Greetings, David

Hmmkay I suppose it could get confusing for some. The current 'xTest' it is 
then: not totally dull and covers it pretty good. x = generic, test = test.

Veritas does sound way nicer though ... At least for me funny names do stick 
better. For instance I dont seem to forget what the following names stand 
for, after making the association once:

sublime == ui
plasma  == kwidget
dolpin  == kexplorer
krita   == kpaint
okteta  == khexedit
marble  == kearth

anyway, enough about a name! :)


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