Feature list for 4.0

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jun 19 21:53:01 UTC 2008

On 19.06.08 13:52:24, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > If you want to access stuff thats not part of the project there's a
> > filesystem view and there will be ways to synchronize both.
> Once file system is "up to snuff" (in-place expansion of folders, 
> mainly) I suspect I won't be using project view much any more. (I never 
> really used 'only show project files' either, but I like that project 
> files were visually distinct from non-project files.)

One problem in Qt4 with making stuff bold is that QTreeView easily
starts to suffer here, i.e. it gets slow when you do too many fancy
things with all the items and you have lots of them.

> > On 18.06.08 20:01:16, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >> (Also, how do you maintain the list if things not in the list aren't
> >> there?)
> > 
> > Not sure what you mean here, the kdev3 version simply had a whitelist of
> > shell-globs and a blacklist of stuff to never look into (mostly used to
> > take out whole directory hierarchies). 
> ...but maintaining the list (in 3.4 anyway) was also a semi-manual 
> process. 3.5 was better about saying, "hey, I see these files that I 
> didn't know about, that look like they should be in the project", but 
> I'd still like to keep the ability to manually add or remove a file. 
> (I'm talking about File Tree -> right-click -> Add to project / Remove 
> from project / Add to blacklist, if that helps?)

That will be coming back at some point, for sure. I'm just not sure yet
how it'll look exactly :)

> >> I don't get why in-place folder expansion is such a big deal? Especially 
> >> since konq in KDE3 had that...
> > 
> > I was talking about in-place folder expansion in the projecttree. It
> > takes away the overview you get in that tree, because you're basically
> > zooming into part of the tree. I'm not completely opposed to doing that,
> > but it will be something you'll have to activate first. 
> I think we're talking about different things.

Indeed we are, I thought by "in place expansion" you meant what is done
in the iconview view of konqueror/dolphin. That is, when you go into a
folder the content of the folder replaces the currently visible

But I see we're on the same page actually :)

> >> or will it come "for free" when file 
> >> system switches over to the kdelibs widget?
> > 
> > The filesystem view will be exactly like in kate, dolphin, amarok and
> > konqueror. Its just KDirOperator embedded into a toolview and adding a
> > nice breadcrumb and a few toolbar buttons. I've posted a patch a couple
> > of days ago (maybe a week).
> Yay! In that case, please be sure the "expandable folders" option (see 
> above) is exposed :-).

:( Thats going to be quite some extra work. Those settings aren't
shareable as they're burried inside dolphin and we don't want to depend
on dolphin for this. I'm not yet sure how to tackle this, will have to
talk to Peter Penz.


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