Feature list for 4.0

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 19 18:52:24 UTC 2008

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> If you want to access stuff thats not part of the project there's a
> filesystem view and there will be ways to synchronize both.

Once file system is "up to snuff" (in-place expansion of folders, 
mainly) I suspect I won't be using project view much any more. (I never 
really used 'only show project files' either, but I like that project 
files were visually distinct from non-project files.)

> On 18.06.08 20:01:16, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> (Also, how do you maintain the list if things not in the list aren't
>> there?)
> Not sure what you mean here, the kdev3 version simply had a whitelist of
> shell-globs and a blacklist of stuff to never look into (mostly used to
> take out whole directory hierarchies). 

...but maintaining the list (in 3.4 anyway) was also a semi-manual 
process. 3.5 was better about saying, "hey, I see these files that I 
didn't know about, that look like they should be in the project", but 
I'd still like to keep the ability to manually add or remove a file. 
(I'm talking about File Tree -> right-click -> Add to project / Remove 
from project / Add to blacklist, if that helps?)

> There's always the chance of porting [file tree] later or outside of kdevelop...

At this point, I think I'd prefer to add the missing functionality 
(basically, ability to visualize and manipulate the list of project 
files) to file system.

>> I don't get why in-place folder expansion is such a big deal? Especially 
>> since konq in KDE3 had that...
> I was talking about in-place folder expansion in the projecttree. It
> takes away the overview you get in that tree, because you're basically
> zooming into part of the tree. I'm not completely opposed to doing that,
> but it will be something you'll have to activate first. 

I think we're talking about different things. By "in place expansion", I 
mean that, instead of changing folders (and thus replacing the view of 
the parent with the view of the child), you can see the child's children 
in the same otherwise-list view, like you could in a tree view. But the 
project view is *already* a tree, so talking about in-place expansion 
doesn't make sense; that's inherently the way it /already/ works.

What I mean, is: open konqueror, 'configure konqueror', file 
management->views->details, "expandable folders". Having that in file 
system would be a welcome improvement.

(I think I am still confused. It's not clear how this sub-conversation 
started, or what exactly you don't want to change. I don't see that I 
was asking for project view to change w.r.t. "in-place folder 
expansion". Therefore I suspect I did not understand your reply.)

>> or will it come "for free" when file 
>> system switches over to the kdelibs widget?
> The filesystem view will be exactly like in kate, dolphin, amarok and
> konqueror. Its just KDirOperator embedded into a toolview and adding a
> nice breadcrumb and a few toolbar buttons. I've posted a patch a couple
> of days ago (maybe a week).

Yay! In that case, please be sure the "expandable folders" option (see 
above) is exposed :-).

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