Feature list for 4.0

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jun 19 07:51:03 UTC 2008

On 18.06.08 20:01:16, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 18.06.08 16:42:43, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > The project tree by definition only shows project files. That is,
> > whatever the projectmanager considers to be project files. I guess
> > you're using the "Generic Project Manager", which basically just adds
> > all the filesystem gives to the tree. But sooner or later I'm planning
> > to make that equal to the "custom makefile project" stuff in Kdevelop3
> > (so you can better define whats part of the project).
> That in itself is a problem. Usually I only care about source files, but 
> sometimes I need to open something that isn't listed.

If you want to access stuff thats not part of the project there's a
filesystem view and there will be ways to synchronize both.

> (Also, how do you maintain the list if things not in the list aren't
> there?)

Not sure what you mean here, the kdev3 version simply had a whitelist of
shell-globs and a blacklist of stuff to never look into (mostly used to
take out whole directory hierarchies). 

> >> not horizontally scrollable,
> > 
> > See below.
> > 
> >> needs an extra indentation level,
> > 
> > See below.
> > 
> >> keeps wanting to eat up 1/3 of the vertical space with a pane I don't
> >> need at the bottom...
> > 
> > See Below :)
> > 
> >> ...or add those features, along with the ability to expand folders 
> >> in-place, to file system.
> > 
> > That one is a wontfix. I find the filesystemview highly unusable -
> Ah, but that's exactly the point. It *isn't* usable, never has been.
> File tree *was*, but has been removed/not ported/something. And IMO 
> project view isn't quite as good.

There's always the chance of porting it later or outside of kdevelop...

> I don't get why in-place folder expansion is such a big deal? Especially 
> since konq in KDE3 had that...

I was talking about in-place folder expansion in the projecttree. It
takes away the overview you get in that tree, because you're basically
zooming into part of the tree. I'm not completely opposed to doing that,
but it will be something you'll have to activate first. 

> or will it come "for free" when file 
> system switches over to the kdelibs widget?

The filesystem view will be exactly like in kate, dolphin, amarok and
konqueror. Its just KDirOperator embedded into a toolview and adding a
nice breadcrumb and a few toolbar buttons. I've posted a patch a couple
of days ago (maybe a week).


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