Feature list for 4.0

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 19 01:01:16 UTC 2008

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 18.06.08 16:42:43, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> The project tree by definition only shows project files. That is,
> whatever the projectmanager considers to be project files. I guess
> you're using the "Generic Project Manager", which basically just adds
> all the filesystem gives to the tree. But sooner or later I'm planning
> to make that equal to the "custom makefile project" stuff in Kdevelop3
> (so you can better define whats part of the project).

That in itself is a problem. Usually I only care about source files, but 
sometimes I need to open something that isn't listed. (Also, how do you 
maintain the list if things not in the list aren't there?)

>> not horizontally scrollable,
> See below.
>> needs an extra indentation level,
> See below.
>> keeps wanting to eat up 1/3 of the vertical space with a pane I don't
>> need at the bottom...
> See Below :)
>> ...or add those features, along with the ability to expand folders 
>> in-place, to file system.
> That one is a wontfix. I find the filesystemview highly unusable -

Ah, but that's exactly the point. It *isn't* usable, never has been. 
File tree *was*, but has been removed/not ported/something. And IMO 
project view isn't quite as good.

I don't get why in-place folder expansion is such a big deal? Especially 
since konq in KDE3 had that... or will it come "for free" when file 
system switches over to the kdelibs widget?

>>> ?? What indentation do you mean?
>> The top-level is "default" (I guess that's the project name or build 
>> configuration or something).
> Thats actually your "workspace". Its a place where non-project-related
> configurations and data's are stored, which nonetheless shouldn't go
> into $HOME/.kde4/share/config/kdeveloprc. For example teamwork plugin
> will need this. I'm probably going to either hide it completely, or only
> show it on request as it doesn't really add any valuable information in
> the project tree.

Hiding it takes care of the "lost width". Now, if it had a scrollbar 
instead of truncating, that would be nice :-). And didn't jump around 
when I'm trying to navigate.

>>> Hmm, my projectree does have horizontal scrollbars. Did I miss
>>> something?
>> Got me... My project view certainly has no horizontal scroll bar, and as 
>> a result likes to truncate file names. I'd attach a screen shot, except 
>> I'd have to either make a KDE project first (don't have any kdevelop4 
>> projects for KDE yet) or else go through a bunch of effort blurring 
>> names... Let me know if I should do one of those, though.
> Yes, a screenshot would help.

Ok. I may not get to it tonight, but I'll see about making a kdebase 
project, I need to do some hacking on oxygen style anyway :-).

>>> Try to click it and voila the buildset stuff is hidden.
>> Yeah, I know. Would be nice if kdevelop would remember that I don't want 
>> to see that :-).
> [snip known issues[
> But its on my todo list :)

Ok :-).

>> In case you haven't guessed, I hardly used the project manager stuff in 
>> 3.x; not for the main projects I work on, anyway.
> That what the generic project manager is for, but its got close to 0
> attention. I'll be working on it though as soon as I can use Kdevelop4
> at work, because we also have a custom buildsystem which I don't really
> want to integrate into kdev4... And I'm pretty sure it'll work more or
> less like custom makefile support in kdev3.

...exactly the situation I'm in :-).

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