VCS interface

Aleix aleixpol at
Fri Jul 11 14:45:12 UTC 2008

Hi list,
I am looking at the KDevelop4 VCS interface and I'm not really seeing how
can this be used.

There is a quite rich interface but it is not being used because the only
way I see it is being called is from the Context Menus inside the plugin
itself. I would understand this inteface if the menus were actually shared
between all the plugins but they're being replicated around... maybe I'm
missing something.

Shouldn't the basicversioncontrol class create the menu and enqueue the job
itself? that way we would have a ready interface for all the possible VCS
without having to define it, otherwise having such an interface is a jail
for the plugin developer...

Maybe I am missing something, please tell me then...

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