Howto deal with "todo" items

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at
Sat Jan 26 10:29:34 UTC 2008

On Saturday 26 January 2008 11:15:44 Andras Mantia wrote:
> On Saturday 26 January 2008, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > So the question is: How do we want to "fix" this? I thought about
> > using wishlist items in bugzilla, however kdevelop's wishlist list is
> > soo large that these get easily lost. Also its not really wishlist
> > items but real todo things that need to be done before 4.0 can go
> > out...
> >
> > Ideas?
>  XML file that contains TODO items (with attributes like status="todo",
> status="started"), which is rendered by a php script? I can create a
> Quanta DTEP which helps you to create such XML files, once we have the
> format of it.
>  Sometime in the past KDE had such a feature planning page.
>  All this in the svn. I don't know what part of the is at this
> moment writable, previously you could put up such things to
> Andras

We also have todo on the wiki and on doxygen.

Amilcar Lucas webmaster

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