Kudos to kdev4!

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Wed Apr 23 17:43:54 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 23 April 2008 12:26:35 Kishore wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 April 2008 21:48:01 Kishore wrote:
> > Last week i built kdev4 from svn and it seems rather good! So i just
> > wanted to say thank you and great work! I really look forward to it being
> > released although i am going to use it more regularly now on!
> I thought i might add a bit about the stuff i liked, stuff i don't know
> about.
> 1) Colours. I do recollect talk on this list about the highlighting being
> too colourful. Well it is colourfull and i love it! I have partial colour
> blindness and this resulted in much of the colouring or kate/kdev from kde3
> being largely useless to me. I hardly noticed difference between colours
> used for identifying datatypes, etc. Only bold fonts stood out. Colours did
> not. In kdev4 identification is a lot more easy for me!
> 2) A project appears to accept files outside the project directory. Which
> is nice. But i suspect this is only for the header files and not for source
> files. I use cmake for my projects and include a common folder for most of
> my projects with the cmake code such as;
> add_subdirectory(../common common)
> So the code in the common folder that is outside the project folder also
> get built with the project. Unfortunately, kdev4 does not seem recognize
> this and does not list the *.c files that belong to this common folder in
> quick open. However, *.h files are included in quick open.
> 3) Creating a project creates a Project.kdev4 file and a .kdev4 folder. Are
> these version controllable? As in can i check them into VCS so that others
> can reuse the project files with the same settings (debugger and build
> settings) that i use? In first look it appears that Project.kde4 is VCS
> friendly.

The .kdev4 file is VCS friendly. The .kdev4 directory is NOT. 

> 4) As-you-type formatting remains a problem with conflicting settings
> between katepart and kdev. I am wondering if there can be a solution for
> this. Coould it be possible to pass formatting settings from kdev to
> katepart?
> 5) This is probably work in progress but i was unable to build a project
> with the build option. Only "build all projects" option worked which of
> course would build all open projects.
> Something that i noticed. kdev4 crashes if i edit and save the
> CMakeLists.txt of an open project. Editing other source files is fine and
> even editing a CMakelists.txt file is fine if the project is not open. Just
> some input there if it were not noticed before.
> Well! kdev4 looks mighty good from what i see! :-)

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