Kudos to kdev4!

Kishore kitts.mailinglists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 17:26:35 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 23 April 2008 21:48:01 Kishore wrote:
> Last week i built kdev4 from svn and it seems rather good! So i just wanted
> to say thank you and great work! I really look forward to it being released
> although i am going to use it more regularly now on!

I thought i might add a bit about the stuff i liked, stuff i don't know about.

1) Colours. I do recollect talk on this list about the highlighting being too 
colourful. Well it is colourfull and i love it! I have partial colour 
blindness and this resulted in much of the colouring or kate/kdev from kde3 
being largely useless to me. I hardly noticed difference between colours used 
for identifying datatypes, etc. Only bold fonts stood out. Colours did not. 
In kdev4 identification is a lot more easy for me!

2) A project appears to accept files outside the project directory. Which is 
nice. But i suspect this is only for the header files and not for source 
files. I use cmake for my projects and include a common folder for most of my 
projects with the cmake code such as;

add_subdirectory(../common common)

So the code in the common folder that is outside the project folder also get 
built with the project. Unfortunately, kdev4 does not seem recognize this and 
does not list the *.c files that belong to this common folder in quick open. 
However, *.h files are included in quick open.

3) Creating a project creates a Project.kdev4 file and a .kdev4 folder. Are 
these version controllable? As in can i check them into VCS so that others 
can reuse the project files with the same settings (debugger and build 
settings) that i use? In first look it appears that Project.kde4 is VCS 

4) As-you-type formatting remains a problem with conflicting settings between 
katepart and kdev. I am wondering if there can be a solution for this. Coould 
it be possible to pass formatting settings from kdev to katepart?

5) This is probably work in progress but i was unable to build a project with 
the build option. Only "build all projects" option worked which of course 
would build all open projects.

Something that i noticed. kdev4 crashes if i edit and save the CMakeLists.txt 
of an open project. Editing other source files is fine and even editing a 
CMakelists.txt file is fine if the project is not open. Just some input there 
if it were not noticed before.

Well! kdev4 looks mighty good from what i see! :-)

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