GSoC: DVCS project

Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at
Tue Apr 22 07:12:51 UTC 2008

First of all I want to thank everybody for choosing my project. I hope I 
will do everything I promised to do.
And congrats with beginning of GSoC 2008 :) Good luck in discussing 
ideas and in coding!

At this moment I will start to do all preliminary researches (deep 
inside Qt/KDE development, play more with python and of course study the 
core of DVCSs and current code of KDevelop).
Since I need to implement a generic DVCS support I need to learn more 
than 1 DVCS system (first is Git) and I don't know what else to choose. 
Maybe Mercurial? Any other advices?

Best Regards,

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