Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Apr 21 10:25:22 UTC 2008

On 19.04.08 10:56:52, Tomasz Kalkosiński wrote:
> 1. would it be possible to reimplement GhostDoc for KDevelop? : http://www.roland-weigelt.de/ghostdoc/
>    It's amazing plug-in, and it's free. Maybe its autor would like to share a code?
>    It has some advantages e.g. insert base comment for inherited comment or generate comment automatically.

This can surely be done, but we're trying to ship a lean and mean C++
IDE, so this would probably not go into kdevelop itself but be provided
as additional plugin.

> 2. some way to view STL containters (and STL string) properly and easy - Vladimir, poeple will sing songs about you if you do it :) I know Microsoft has done it properly on VS .NET but I don't know how.

It looks like this will be done directly in gdb (by allowing scripts in
gdb) and we "just" need to provide some default scripts and a gui.

> 3. Alt-Tab implementation to switch open windows in recently used order stack. It's one that is missing from other IDEs. Many developers work years with Alt-Tab so there should be implemented. There are details on behaviuor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-Tab

Alt-Tab is a window-manager shortcut that KDevelop won't change (at
least not by default). We decided that we do need a history and when
thats implemented you'll get shortcuts for it too. Also you can have
this to a certain extent already in KDevelop3, check the configure
shortcuts dialog for next/previous stuff under the kdevelop group.

> 4. colors need to be fixed in some way. I mean there should be colors for class-variables, local variables, one for methods. For now on KDev4 seems to randomly assign colors to variables.

It doesn't assign them randomly. In fact it assigns them based on the
language. We do miss configurability currently, but thats not an easy
task as there are a lot of things that can be highlighted in KDev4
(highlighting also includes underline, bold face, background changes)

> 5. Are shortcuts grouped in schemas? Maybe we should ship "Redmond" shortcut schema? TBH first thing I've done was to re-configure debug keys to F5-F12 just like I've worked with Microsoft products for years.

Patch submitted to kde-core-devel, awaits objections. But we won't ship
more than one scheme, which however will provide more sane shortcuts for
debugging. The problem currently is simply that kate uses almost all of
the F-Keys.

> 6. document outline - I don't mean class view. I mean something like all folded regions put into tree wihtout contents.

Would you provide a use-case please?

> 7. mouse-over tooltips with type, declaration, comment

Possible, just needs somebody to do it.

> 9. "collapse to definitions" collapses all definitions, methods etc. redundantly down

Collapse where? In the editor you can do this by using the folding
border from kate.

> 10. "collapse everything" collapses every region redundantly down. Currently it only collapses top level regions, while inner regions are expanded.

see above.

> 11. "follow editor" to class definitions, file trees etc. options

This already exists for the class browser. (not sure about the file tree
view). In general this will not be a default because it means "random
jumps" in parts of the GUI which is confusing unless you're used to it.

> 12. "highlight" option. When I put my mouse on variable - every occurance of it shines. I'd just like to have option to "lock this hilight" (also hilight another etc.).

Probably possible, not sure of the usefulness though.

> 13. ctrl+space pops up completion. I'd like to have a "pop up prototype for this method". It's annoying when you're on third argument, prototype popup is gone, you go back to left parenthisis and ctrl+space again just to know what's the type of third argument.

Thats a bug - IMHO. Ctrl+Space should always show argument hints when
you're after a backspace inside a function call.

> 14. killing-feature (I don't know if even possible) - "this header is unused". Java and Resharper for .NET knows when some include/using/package is unused and they color it to grey, but I know they don't operate on C++ so I don't know if it's possible for this one.

In theory it is, that is C++ has the knowledge to do that. However this
is rather low on our priority list I think.


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