[RFC] KDev4 Ui

Esben Mose Hansen kde at mosehansen.dk
Wed Nov 14 21:08:17 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 20:03:40 Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> Multiline tabbars are widely regarded as Bad UI(tm). The reason is that the
> active tabbar needs to be at the bottom to indicated which document is
> actually open, which in turns leads to the requirement to _reorder_ the
> tabbars every time you switch document.

Because, just highlighting the active tab is forbidden? It *might* be a 
terrible idea for other reasons though. I have only seen it in an editor 
(UltraEdit) which was reasonable good at some stuff, and in a firefox 
extension (which did the highlight active tab). In both apps, I found the 
idea passable, though a vertical solution would have been better.

Incidentally, when you only have one tabbar, you are forced to reorder when an 
out-of-tabbar tab is selected (Eclipse does this, as I recall, and it *is* 
quite annoying) or simply scroll the tabs by a huge amount like kdev3, which 
is also hugely annoying, since the file you were just editing is now 
completely out of sight.

regards, Esben

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