[RFC] KDev4 Ui

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 14 18:06:12 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 18:43:57 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > And I think, you never do. If you have them open at the same time, they
> > are automatically so unaccessible that it's only slightly better than not
> > having them open at all(see quickopen :) ).
> As you know I completely disagree with this. Navigation among 20 files
> is no problem using quickopen. Of course using tabs and the
> next-tab/prev-tab switching doesn't work because files are too far away.

Well.. what if there was a quickopen-file shortcut that shows you all the 
files in a most-recently-used order? The files would be about exactly as 
accessible as they are when they are open(when you use quickopen to access 

> Well, multiple mainwindows might not work too well on single-head
> desktops.

That's true.

> About the "close-files-I've-only-read" feature, that truely sounds like
> a good idea. But has not much to do with the navigation among multiple
> files, maybe you usually work in only 1 file, but I find myself
> currently working on at least 4 files "at once", with another 3 open for
> reference and additionally about 6 tabs on a konqueror window for
> API reference. Those last 6 would ideally also be among the "open files"
> list, inside KDevelop.

Of course I also usually work on multiple files at a time, let's say it's 3 in 
the average. But around those files, there's usually about 7 other files that 
I'm not working with, that I just opened some time to look something up. 
Those additional files currently make it a lot harder getting an overview of 
the exact files I'm working on.

greetings, David

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