[RFC] KDev4 Ui

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Nov 14 13:52:03 UTC 2007

On 14.11.07 08:04:05, Kris Wong wrote:
> > So we now have dockwidgets and ideal, I guess most/all of us
> > agree that
> > one of the two needs to go. Which one depends on the possibility of
> > implementing most/all of the following items.
> Agreed.  By the time ideal is done it will basically be dockwidgets++ anyway.
> > - remove that stupid combobox :) Well we all know its just temporary,
> >   but so far it seems there are 2 types of people, those that
> > want tabs
> >   and those that want scalability. I think we all agree that
> > tabs don't
> >   scale for more than a handful of files, you'll either get annoying
> >   arrow-buttons or like in eclipse you'll just get a "..." tab that
> >   opens up a document-list.
> I like the way Visual Studio 2005 handles the situation of too many open documents to display:
> http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=520397
> IMO, this is much friendlier than the arrow buttons.  It's much easier to find what you are looking for.  This would be pretty easy by subclassing QTabBar (except on the Mac, where they do goofy things like centering tabs ;).

Thats similar to what eclipse has, but it doesn't scale either, think of
those "insane" Jens Dagerbos out there that have 40 files open at the same

> >   My idea to solve this dilemma is attached, a small list of 11 items
> >   that shows the current file and the last/next 5 entries in the
> >   history. (history is a ringbuffer right?)
> When/how would this list be shown/hidden?

Oh, right, forgot the most important part. It would be shown as soon as
you hit one of the two (not-yet existing) edit-history shortcuts, or
single-click the edit-history toolbar actions.

About the hiding, I'm not sure yet. A click on an item is clearly a
hide(). For plain keyboard navigation I think <Enter> and additionally a
short timeout which autohides it. Also moving focus to anything but the
editor area would hide it as well. So its really just there when you
walk through the history.

About the how: a short animation would be "cool", but of course thats
something we can do once KDevelop4 works :)


Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

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