Removing some functionality from custommakefile support

Matt Rogers mattr at
Thu Jul 26 04:25:58 UTC 2007

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On Jul 22, 2007, at 9:33 AM, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> On Saturday 21 July 2007 18:52, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm "pissed off" enough now to discuss this: I'd like to remove the
>> automatic updating of custommakefile projects. There's a  
>> dirwatcher in
>> place that watches all subdirectories of a project for changes. Each
>> time a change happens there are certain things done
>> a) for each source file in that dir a stat is done to check for its
>> existence (using QFileInfo::exists()), if it doesn't exist its
>> afterwards removed from the filelist and also from the blacklist
> I also noticed probably the same and I think too it's not ideal.
> When doing rm myfile.cpp; cvs up myfile.cpp to restore a file to  
> the original
> cvs state kdevelop notices that it doesn't exist anymore, removes  
> it from its
> internal list of project files and doesn't seem to add it again,  
> which has
> the effect that Quick open project files works worse the longer  
> kdevelop is
> running (in days).
> So if I understood correctly, I'm for your change.
> Alex

run cvs up -C myfile.cpp instead :)
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