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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Jul 19 18:45:51 UTC 2007

On 19.07.07 20:08:24, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> Il giorno 19/lug/07, alle ore 19:34, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:
> > I agree that we should have the buttons to show/hide dockwidgets, but
> > there's much todo with that example - apart from resizing there's also
> > the problem of automatic closing of the dockwidget when you click into
> > the editor area. I _hate_ that for certain toolviews.
> heheh.. it's just a 500 loc little prototype ;-) but I'm sure it  
> won't take too much time to make it ready for real apps. I'll do some  
> more work on it later today. My current plan is:

I have to admit that I didn't look into the code, I just started it and
played with it ;)

>    - more action based API. I think I'll start to use  
> QToolButton::defaultAction()
>    - drag & drop (maybe with some nice effects. You know, like the  
> one I did for Qt Designer)

You mean the standard Qt dockwidget-effects when dragging dockwidgets?
Or what else?

>    - docking
>    - animations
>    - transparent views

Wouldn't that be better done by the windowmanager with things like
composite? I mean it should be much faster than things done with plain

>    - eclipse-like views

What do you mean with that? I mean Eclipse views are not that different
from plain Qt dockwidgets, except that you can have fast-views which you
already implemented in the example (i.e. float until focus is lost then
hide), or did I miss something in eclipse?

> > And the question is wether all that is doable with Qt's dockwidget and
> > mainwindow without falling into the kmdi-trap.
> I don't think this is a problem, Ideal doesn't need dock widgets. I  
> used dock widgets because I'm too lazy to use QStyle to draw the  
> decorations

Well, I like Qt4 dockwidgets, especially being able to drag them around
and group them with tabs and having multiple groups in the same area,
being able to float them as toplevel widget...
One thing I especially dislike about the standard dockwidgets is that

a) they don't change from horizontal to vertical title automatically
b) you can't dynamically decide to which docking area the corners belong

I know both of these might not be fixable outside Qt, I just wanted to
note them down.

> btw as I said before I will do some more prototyping today. Just let  
> me know what you would like to see in the final version. The license  
> is MIT.

Ok, here's one change we'd need: Another license :P MIT is not allowed
for libraries, only LGPL or BSD without advertisement clause.
kdevplatform has to follow kdelibs policies.

Oh, and another one: Documentation for the API ;)


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