Adding QtDesigner custom widget plugin for KConfigXT

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Jul 10 23:38:19 UTC 2007

On 10.07.07 15:53:49, Adam Treat wrote:
> The user will have to set his/her QTDIR in the build configuration.

Thats only true for Qt3 qmake projects. Also thats only needed if you
have multiple Qt3 installations and/or your distro has broken Qt
packages. Its not the "normal" setup. 

> Then, when they want to run the app they'll have to set it again in
> the run configuration?

Yes, although the QTDIR example is still a bad one as its really
seldomly needed for running an application.

> If the user changes it in the build config are you going to 
> automatically change it in the run config behind her back?  Vice versa?

No. The user will trigger such things, where did somebody say something
about automatic changes?

Also I don't see how 1 environemnt setup for all things in a project (I
hope you agree that 1 env for all kdevelop-started process doesn't work
with multiple projects) will work properly. As I already said: We will
(as in I will make sure we have that) have multiple run actions for each
project and there's need to provide a separate environment for each of

What if 2 plugins use variables that are named the same but have
different content? (for whatever reason)

I'm all for cleaning up configuration mess, but some things need to be


While you recently had your problems on the run, they've regrouped and
are making another attack.

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