Adding QtDesigner custom widget plugin for KConfigXT

Adam Treat treat at
Tue Jul 10 20:04:35 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 July 2007, dukju ahn wrote:
> I agree.
> Env vars for plugin process and builder/debugger env vars could be
> different. Plugins should provide its own env setting page and that's
> why we will put env setting widget in platform/util.

One more thing because I'm a liar and can't keep my big mouth shut :)

Right now, when you are developing stuff via the command line, ask yourself... 

What do you do?

You open a shell and setup the environment however you like, right?  Either 
manually or via scripts.  Then, you expect that ( and this is crucial ) 
*every* process you run from that command line will run with the environment 
you just set.  There is no ambiguity.  What you see is what you get.

Now, what do you do if you need to change the environment??

You either change the environment in that shell OR you open a new shell and 
setup the environment and expect that *every* process executed in that shell 
from then on forward will run with that environment.

IMHO, the same should be true for kdevelop.  It just *works* and is exactly 
what the developer would expect.

With the way you guys are proposing, if the developer launches a process via 
plugin/kdevelop and it does not behave how he'd expect, he has to go 
searching through all the configuration widgets to find all the different 
places that might impact said process environment.  And this *can* get 
complicated.  You are designing KDevelop so that it is extensible via 
plugins.  That means you have no idea what future plugins are going to do or 
need WRT environment.

With my solution it is unambiguous and clear.  The developer need only look in 
*one* place and he can expect that all processes or plugins will adhere to 
this.  If he needs to change something or open a new 'shell' he/she can do so 
in an easy and straightforward manner.

Anyways, do whatever you like...


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