Local Project File [Re: Extending the IProjectFileManager interface]

Jens Herden jens at kdewebdev.org
Fri Jul 6 13:17:16 UTC 2007

> Have your users requested to put those files somewhere deeper inside
> the project tree or outside the project tree completely? I'm not
> against the idea, but I'd like to understand more why users want to
> put their project files somewhere outside the project itself.

Outside of the tree. I have heard this together with the wish to have remote 
projects. So the project is on some server but the project file is local. We 
never recommend this, we always recommend VCS or a working copy and upload. 
But we keep getting this questions.
So basicly they want to work directly via FTP on the webserver :-(
I know it is wrong but I tend to think that I am not responsible if people 
screw up their work so I would like to see this option in the future. 

> Do other IDEs allow this? (Just curious)

Don't know.

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