Future of teamwork plugin

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 6 09:28:56 UTC 2007

On 05.07.07 21:20:57, Matt Rogers wrote:
> And you're not all stupid for not liking all that advanced C++ code  
> either. However, moving a plugin solely for the reason that it has  
> advanced C++ code and other things you don't want to take the time to  
> understand seems silly to me. Sure, there are problems related to  
> advanced C++ code that tons of people understand. I won't deny that.  
> We have plenty of time to pull the trigger on a removal though, so,  
> to me, it's in our best interests to wait and see how things evolve.

I think you got the wrong impression, at least for me its not solely
about the advanced C++ stuff, its about unreadable code files, with
#include's in the middle of a .cpp, with multiple classes in the same
files (yes this might be judged as a personal preference, but I think
its making it easier to understand code). On top of that the code will
be unmaintained in the upcoming months and so far David said he will
probably maintain it after SoC.

Also the user interface needs a general redesign, I couldn't even find
out how to collaborate on a file, except starting the collaboration.

Anyway, decision made for now and its compiling again.


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