[PATCH] kdevelop subversion part patch

dukju ahn dukjuahn at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 19:07:12 UTC 2007

Hi KDevelop folks,

I fixed the subversion-commit bug, and added new commit dialog box.
Also, I added subversion-log feature, which was not implemented before.

I do not have a SVN account. So it would be nice if
somebody with KDE SVN account reviews and commits this one.
Any questions and feedbacks are welcome. I am willing to receive these
feedback and improve the quality of my work.


These patches are against KDE-3.5 and KDevelop-3.4 branches.
Although KDE/KDevelop is moving to 4.0, our users will use only
3.X  stable branches  for a considerable period. (at least october 07)


0. Checkout kdesdk-3.5 module. We need only kdesdk-3.5/kioslave subdirectory.

1. There are two files in tar.gz file.
kdev-svn.patch       will go to KDevelop-3.4 branch and
ioslave-svn.patch   will go to kdesdk-3.5 branch.

2. Install libsvn-devel packages. Name may vary for each linux distribution.

3. After building kdevelop & kdesdk-3.5/kioslave, install it into KDEDIR

4. Issue any shell and invoke 'kdeinit'. At the SAME shell you invoked kdeinit,
run kdevelop. If you use different shell or you run kdevelop using
other methods (ex, menu), kdevelop cannot detect newly installed kioslave.

Thanks for reading this long mail. I want someone to commit this patch.
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