[PATCH] kdevelop subversion part patch

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Feb 25 21:32:08 UTC 2007

On 25.02.07 11:07:12, dukju ahn wrote:
> These patches are against KDE-3.5 and KDevelop-3.4 branches.
> Although KDE/KDevelop is moving to 4.0, our users will use only
> 3.X  stable branches  for a considerable period. (at least october 07)
> 0. Checkout kdesdk-3.5 module. We need only kdesdk-3.5/kioslave subdirectory.
> 1. There are two files in tar.gz file.
> kdev-svn.patch       will go to KDevelop-3.4 branch and
> ioslave-svn.patch   will go to kdesdk-3.5 branch.

Ok, I just looked through the ioslave patch quickly and I don't think we
will get this one into kdesdk. Its too large and its not in /trunk
already. Do you see a way of transferring some of that stuff into
kdevelop? Eventually by extending the existing methods instead of
writing new ones? 

Another problem is that the kdesdk-ioslave is not the
only ioslave for kde-svn support, there's another one which currently
also works (and the Ui that delivers it is much more usable than
konqueror+kdesdk-ioslave) - except for importing new projects, for which
there's an upstream bugreport already. I suggest that if you absolutely
need to change the ioslave-api talk to the author of kdesvn and try to
convince him to change his ioslave too.

Also you messed up indentation in kdevelop and kdesdk patch, that should
be fixed too. IIRC both use space-indentation, not tabs.

The logviewer is awesome.

Last but not least: It would be good if you could separate at least the
bugfix out of the patch so we can apply it separately. Getting the whole
patch into kdevelop might take some time and we should fix the
multi-commit ASAP.

Despite all that: Thanks for your work on that.


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