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Subject: [Kde-soc-mentor] Call for ideas: Google Summer of Code 2007
Date: Sunday 25 February 2007 03:19
From: Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org>
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Hello everyone

First of all, sorry for the major mailing list cross-posting. Do NOT use
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Feel free to pass it around to other mailing lists that I'm not subscribed
to and that should know about this.

Last week, Google announced the 2007 edition of the Summer of Code
program. KDE participated in the first two editions as a major
contributor and we'd like to do it again.

While Google hasn't formally approved us yet -- they haven't even started
receiving organisation applications at the moment -- I'd like to get
started on the ideas. I've prepared the following page for it:


Feel free to edit the page and add your ideas. But please LOG IN to the
wiki before doing so. Tracking anonymous edits isn't fun.

Also, please familiarise yourself with the project timeline:


Next, we'll start gathering mentors, so I'd like each developer to
consider participating. If last year is any indication, you'll need a
Google account to log in. And the more mentors we have, the easier and
the fairer the voting will be. I'd like to achieve critical mass soon.

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