If you're not working on KDevelop 4, you should be

Alexander Dymo dymo at ukrpost.ua
Mon Feb 19 18:51:26 UTC 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 07:24, Matt Rogers wrote:
> After that, they say the next release will be alpha 1!!!!
> What this means is that if you're not working on kdevelop trunk and you're
> still stuck in the 3.4 branch, you're working in the wrong place. :)  We
> need people (myself included) to be working on trunk if we want to have any
> hope of releasing along with KDE 4.

100% agree ;) We're moving fine with KDevelop4 now, but we need to move
faster so that alpha1 will see cmake project manager and c++ language support
finished. We need to start "eating our own dogfood" to accelerate development
so those two things are crucial imho.
Also I think we need to forget that we can delay the release. We have to ship
KDevelop4 together with KDE4. It doesn't have to have all the functionality
and features, but it shall be stable enough for C++/Qt/KDE4 development.
That's should not be so hard ;)

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