KDevelop 3.4 translations.

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at kdevelop.org
Mon Feb 19 15:19:47 UTC 2007


The KDevelop team is planing to release stable KDevelop 3.4.x versions 
together with KDE 3.5.x

We already released 3.4.0 with KDE 3.5.6 but it did not contained any 
translations :(

apaku and I looked at this script:

And it looks like all it takes to extract and pass the KDevelop strings from 
the /branches/kdevelop/3.4 to the translators is to add a case to the 
get_paths switch statement.

Can you confirm/deny it ?

Will it work, can I do it ?

Amilcar Lucas
The KDevelop project

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