project importers in kdev4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Feb 14 23:16:23 UTC 2007

On 15.02.07 00:43:11, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Hey!
> A long time ago (2004) Roberto introduced the concept of
> project "importers", "editors" and "builders".
> Today we no longer distinguish between importers and editors and have
> just importers. This way we have GenericImporter, QMakeImporter and
> CMakeImporter.
> The problem is that the name "importer" doesn't describe anymore the
> functionality of those things. They are more like "managers" than a mere
> importers because they can add/remove/edit files, targets, folders, etc.
> So what if we rename them into "managers" - GenericProjectManager,
> QMakeManager, CMakeManager?

+1 from me, although I guess we should add the Project-thing to all,
i.e. QMakeProjectManager. Yes its long, but how often do you write that

> And if we rename importers, what do we do with "projectmanager" 
> plugin which is just a view that provides GUI for real managers? 
> How do we call that plugin? ProjectManagementView? ProjectView?
> Or Eclipse-like ProjectNavigator, ProjectExplorer?

As discussed yesterday on IRC neither navigator nor explorer really fit
here, as they mean something along the line of browsing through the
project. Our view will allow for quite some more action, so I still
think that either ProjectManagerView or ProjectManagementView is "the
right name", although its not as nice and catchy. 

ProjectView isn't an option at all, IMHO, because it would imply to be a
view onto only 1 project, while we currently have 1 view for all


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