project importers in kdev4

Mathieu Chouinard mchoui at
Wed Feb 14 23:24:55 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 17:43:11 Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Hey!
> A long time ago (2004) Roberto introduced the concept of
> project "importers", "editors" and "builders".
> Today we no longer distinguish between importers and editors and have
> just importers. This way we have GenericImporter, QMakeImporter and
> CMakeImporter.
> The problem is that the name "importer" doesn't describe anymore the
> functionality of those things. They are more like "managers" than a mere
> importers because they can add/remove/edit files, targets, folders, etc.
> So what if we rename them into "managers" - GenericProjectManager,
> QMakeManager, CMakeManager?
> And if we rename importers, what do we do with "projectmanager"
> plugin which is just a view that provides GUI for real managers?
> How do we call that plugin? ProjectManagementView? ProjectView?
> Or Eclipse-like ProjectNavigator, ProjectExplorer?
I prefer ProjectConqueror but Navigator will be ok ;)

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