[Patch] Window history

Paulo Moura Guedes moura at kdewebdev.org
Tue Feb 13 00:15:40 UTC 2007

On Monday 12 February 2007 20:32, Jens Dagerbo wrote:

> I finally actually tried the patch last night, and it does more or less
> what advertised.
> Some minor issues:
> 1. I just couldn't get the shortcuts to work, even when reconfiguring them
> from their default (switch to 6th/18th desktop (!!!)). I used ctrl+shift+N
> (next) and ctrl+shift+P (previous) and lo, I got the menu. I doubt there is
> anything wrong in the patch, must be some KDE borkage.

I can reproduce that with some actions, like switch header/source. I can't 
make that shortcut work. :(

> 2. The popup menu appears in the middle of screen 0. This is fine if that's
> where KDevelop is, but in my TwinView setup I had KDevelop on screen 1 when
> I tested the patch and at first didn't even see the popup. I guess the
> popup should probably center on the application window, rather than the
> desktop.

Strange, that's what I thougth it does.

> Pro:
> Nice feature. Works well.
> Readable high quality code
> Manages to remember switches done via tabwidget
> Con:
> Well.. nothing really, except it's a non-trivial amount of code for a
> rather marginal feature. It brings a second implementation of history with
> a third way of stepping between open documents (the other two being
> navigation history and tab-order based next/previous window). 

Navigation history seems a little broken here. And it doesn't remember 
switches via tabwidget IIRC. The next/previous window is a different method 
of navigation.

> This in 
> addition to Window menu, QuickOpen based open files switcher and the
> FileList. Do we really want/need this?

Window menu is also a different navigation method (sorted alphabetically). The 
file list is duplicated stuff IMHO. There is someone using that? Quick Open 
is very cool and something unique when looking at other IDEs.

I can't answer for the users but this is a navigation method that doesn't 
exist yet in KDevelop (no duplication) and is very common in mainstream 
development tools. If I had to choose between one method I would choose this 
one. I rather have them all though :)


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