Left sidebar WAY too big?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Feb 1 21:02:24 UTC 2007

I have a coworker that is looking at using kdevelop as a source browser 
on UNIX (he mainly uses Windows). I set up a recent SVN build with KDE 
3.5.6 on an x64 lab machine we have and set him up with XMing as the X 

KDevelop seems to run OK, but opening a left sidebar (e.g. classes, file 
tree, etc.) causes the sidebar to be wider than the KDevelop window 
(meaning the resize bar is not reachable to make it smaller). This makes 
the workspace part of the window unusable (because it is zero or 
negative size and/or its left coordinate is past the right edge of the 

Unfortunately, this seems to only happen on his computer, or possibly 
under his user account. I have tried on my own XP machine (also using 
XMing) at the same screen resolution but with a different Linux account 
and cannot reproduce the problem?

Any guesses on a cause or at least a work-around? (I.e. is there a way 
to force the size to be small enough to at least make the resize handle 
visible?) Even if someone could point me at the relevant code (this is 
an SVN build, rebuilding is easy and I would be happy to offer a patch 
if I come up with one) that would be helpful.

(Both my coworker and the account I was testing with are using the 
Plastik style, so it isn't bluecurve-style at fault this time. ;-))

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