Status of Qt4 qmake support

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jul 30 21:05:59 UTC 2006

On 30.07.06 15:39:30, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> As a point of curiosity do you have any ideas on how to 
> handle PRI support.

I don't even know what PRI's are. If you have some docs explaining them,
I could see what I can do...

>  We use them quite extensively at work, and they can often confuse
>  KDevelop when you include source files in them.

Hmm, in what way exactly? From what I've seen so far, they're just
ignored by the qmake manager (or should be). However I haven't looked
into the "logic" stuff too much (i.e. handling include-directives and

> Also, do you think the custom variable stuff I attempted is
> salvageable to work for custom build steps?

I have absolutely no idea, luckily I didn't need to dive too deep into
the non-gui code (yet).

> On Sunday 30 July 2006 13:12, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > this is more or less a status update and RFC.
> >
> > I'm so far done with the "important" stuff, i.e. properly parsing the QT
> > variable, supporting resource files and cleaning up the configuration
> [...]
> > - project settings change affects qmake manager ui
> > 	I asked this on IRC but got no response. If a user switches from
> > 	Qt3 to Qt4 inside the project options, the qmake manager ideally
> > 	should change it's ui (replacing IMAGES with RESOURCES), however
> > 	I don't know wether this is possible.
> Automagic conversions IMHO can be problems because if we do the wrong things 
> users get pissed.  Or is this not what you are getting at?  Is this just a 
> cosmetic level of things, or something more advanced?

What I did is: for the subproject-view (i.e. where you have the FORMS,
SOURCES, HEADERS and so on) I add the IMAGES variable only for Qt3
projects and the RESOURCES only for Qt4 (I couldn't find IMAGES in qt4
qmake doc and qt3 has no RESOURCES). However the listview is of course
only built once upon project loading, thus when you open a project and
then switch from qt3 to qt4, you won't get the RESOURCES variable until
you reload the project. So what I'd need would be some signal that I
could attach to a slot of the project manager to update the listview.

The manage currently doesn't remove IMAGES from a qt4 project or
RESOURCES from a qt3 project, they should show up as custom variables
(RESOURCES did until I integrated them).


It's lucky you're going so slowly, because you're going in the wrong direction.

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