Configuration options for QMake project

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Jul 28 23:39:23 UTC 2006


before making to many changes on my own, I'd like to know about a couple
of things:

1. The current configuration dialog supports the setting of "console"
for the CONFIG variable, however this has only an effect on win32 so I
think this should be removed

2. The "Build as DLL" and the "Shared" option are duplicates, i.e. If
choosing "shared library" this adds the "dll" keyword to CONFIG, and
"Build as DLL" does the same, so I think the "Build as DLL" option
should be removed.

3. I'd like to make "plugin" a checkbox option, which is only available
when "shared library" is activated. 

4. There are obviously many indentation styles used in the
projectconfigurationdlg.cpp file and with your permission I'd like to
change that to 1 style (especially since some if's are not indented at
all, which makes the code really hard to read).


You will be misunderstood by everyone.

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