Configuration options for QMake project

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Jul 29 13:14:55 UTC 2006

On Friday 28 July 2006 18:39, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> before making to many changes on my own, I'd like to know about a couple
> of things:
> 1. The current configuration dialog supports the setting of "console"
> for the CONFIG variable, however this has only an effect on win32 so I
> think this should be removed

Remember that Qt is cross platform. You can develop on Linux for windows. 
We'll need to keep this option IMHO.

> 2. The "Build as DLL" and the "Shared" option are duplicates, i.e. If
> choosing "shared library" this adds the "dll" keyword to CONFIG, and
> "Build as DLL" does the same, so I think the "Build as DLL" option
> should be removed.

I think it should be renamed to 'Build as Shared Library'.

> 3. I'd like to make "plugin" a checkbox option, which is only available
> when "shared library" is activated.


> 4. There are obviously many indentation styles used in the
> projectconfigurationdlg.cpp file and with your permission I'd like to
> change that to 1 style (especially since some if's are not indented at
> all, which makes the code really hard to read).

I don't oppose reindentation, but I would prefer if you did as you go rather 
than a mass reindent of the code. We'll be more likely to not lose annotate 
functionality then

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