Settings that should not be in the project file

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at
Tue Dec 5 13:22:34 UTC 2006

What you say is true, but your assumption is wrong. The .kdevelop file
was never designed to be shared. Don't share it. Don't check it in
into any common repository. You create a problem and gain nothing.

Every member of the project should run Project->Import Project instead
to create their own copy of the .kdevelop project file.

// jens

On 12/4/06, Erik <sigra at> wrote:
> I use KDevelop on a project and one day I committed the project file so
> that other developers can also start using KDevelop. A workmate
> complained that he also uses KDevelop for the project, that he uses the
> same filename as I had committed, and that my settings do not work for
> him. The problem is that the project file does not only store
> information that is specific to the project itself, but also a few
> settings that are specific to the developer's system or personal
> preferences:
> <numberofjobs>1</numberofjobs> This depends on the number of CPU's on the system, so it does not belong in the project file.
>     <splitheadersource>
>       <enabled>true</enabled>
>       <synchronize>true</synchronize>
>       <orientation>Vertical</orientation>
>     </splitheadersource>
> This depends on the display's width and does not belong in the project file.
> <automaticCodeCompletion>true</automaticCodeCompletion> This depends on the programmers personal preference and does not belong in the project file.
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