Defining the KDevelop Platform - remote debugging

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Thu Apr 6 23:47:07 UTC 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 22:19, Roger Larsson wrote:
> On torsdag 06 april 2006 22.32, Alexander Neundorf wrote: [edited]
> > -good support for remote debugging (just work to do, no hard problems to
> > solve)
> > -support for custom debuggers, like lauterbach and others
> Has the debugger architecture been redesigned yet?
> Earlier versions were very too closely connected with 'C' and 'C++'
I found it quite easy to fit the ruby debugger into kdevelop, which was based 
to the C++ debugger code. It communicates via a Unix domain socket, so it 
wouldn't be too difficult to change to use a tcp socket to do debugging on 
another machine. It could be refactored so we could share more code amongst 
different debuggers perhaps. I don't think it's worth designed a language 
independent protocol for remote debugging like Komodo uses - that would be 
more trouble than it's worth.

-- Richard

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