Direction of KDevelop4

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Sep 12 17:29:06 UTC 2005

On Monday 12 September 2005 19:16, Adam Treat wrote:

> > > > is absolutely clear, but why it's there. The answer (producing
> > > > reasonable result for QString), is not at all obvious, and requires
> > > > comment. There's no problem with the code, but comment is needed. I
> > > > see many such cases.
> > >
> > > Yah, well, commenting it with "produce reasonable result for QString"
> > > is just the type of useless comment I'm talking about.  It explains
> > > nothing and just takes up space ;)
> >
> > Exactly. But note that "produce reasonable result for QString" is comment
> > you just made up yourself and not the comment I would have ever used.
> > Especially that words "reasonable", as well as "appropriate" are exactly
> > the signs of obscure comments.
> Hey, funny man.  Look above.  I just quoted you!  "The answer (producing
> reasonable result for QString)" ... that was _your_ answer for what the
> code does! ;) 

That was remark in parenthesis to give you idea what's the problem there. Your 
guess that it's exact comment text is your guess, so anything you said later 
is your guess too. 

Do you really believe that this cryptic code is better left without comment?

> > > But, now I know if I'm ever bugfixing your code I'll just write:
> > >
> > > if(something){blah blah blah;}for ( blah ){ blah blah blah; }while (
> > > foo ) {blah }
> >
> > You take it way to far. I did not say indentation is useless. All I did
> > say is that the above three indent styles are all the same. And there are
> > much serious problems than moving braces around.
> You are the only one I know who is comfortable with braces and indents
> being flung around all over the place.
> > > > Your own, I guess.
> I did not put any words in your mouth.  You said that it was up to me what
> coding style I use in any code in kdevelop svn.

You're the first one I know who considers single line without newlines at all 
to be coding style. Others call this "obfuscation".

But let's stop this argument. If you feel right intentation style
(whatever of those 3 styles you given is "right") will improve KDevelop and is 
willing to move those braces, well, you decide what to do with your time.

- Volodya

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