Debug views: "libraries" and "disassembler"

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Sep 7 08:57:04 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 07 September 2005 00:20, jbb wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 September 2005 23:14, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I'm working on debug views and have some questions for users.
> >
> > 1. Anybody uses the "libraries" view, and if so, what for?
> I think this has a valid use. Without this info, you don't have a way of
> checking which library has been loaded. 

You mean, absolute names of all libraries, to make sure you don't link to 
wrong library?

> I forget the gdb command that gives 
> you this info.

Well, the same "info libraries" used by "libraries" view can be typed in gdb 

> > 2. Is the "disassembler" view much of advantage over typing "disassemble"
> > in gdb window?
> Well, are you sure you want "disassemble" from gdb and not "disassemble
> 0x30 0x30"? 

You might want either.

> But I'd like to see source and disassembled code interleaved. 
> So, yes, this window is not useful in it's present form.
> > Basically, both views are just raw output from gdb, and of questionable
> > utility, so I'd rather remove both of them, unless there are significant
> > use cases.
> Not sure we want to rely on gdb commands. I think "MI" will eventually
> happen which will force everyone to use different commands (or a wrapper,
> or something)

Btw, it's possible to use regular gdb commands even in MI mode.

> I do agree those windows leave a lot to be desired though :-) and if you
> pull them I suspect not many will be upset.


- Volodya

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