Debug views: "libraries" and "disassembler"

jbb jbb at
Tue Sep 6 22:22:05 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 23:14, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm working on debug views and have some questions for users.
> 1. Anybody uses the "libraries" view, and if so, what for?

I think this has a valid use. Without this info, you don't have a way of 
checking which library has been loaded. I forget the gdb command that gives 
you this info.

> 2. Is the "disassembler" view much of advantage over typing "disassemble"
> in gdb window?

Well, are you sure you want "disassemble" from gdb and not "disassemble 0x30 
0x30"? But I'd like to see source and disassembled code interleaved. So, yes, 
this window is not useful in it's present form.

> Basically, both views are just raw output from gdb, and of questionable
> utility, so I'd rather remove both of them, unless there are significant
> use cases.

Not sure we want to rely on gdb commands. I think "MI" will eventually happen 
which will force everyone to use different commands (or a wrapper, or 

I do agree those windows leave a lot to be desired though :-) and if you pull 
them I suspect not many will be upset.


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