Too may ways to select files

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Tue Sep 6 13:42:04 UTC 2005


Looking at fresh project in KDevelop, I see at least 4 left-side tool windows 
for selecting files:

  - "File selector"
  - "File list"
  - "File groups"
  - "File tree"

there also somewhat related "New file".

Isn't that way too much? 
- I fail to see any big difference between "file selector" and "file tree".
- The "File groups" window is empty by default, and only takes space. Maybe,
  it should be just hidden initially, and only shown if user defines some
  groups via menu command? Or, probably, the same effect can be achieved by 
  editing filter to "File selector"
- The "File list" probably is not needed at all, since "Window" menu provides
  access to all the files already.

- The "New file" window is not very needed, because the dialog shown on 
  "new file" command provides the same types of files. Tweaking that dialog
  a bit will allow it to show icons, just like "New file" tool window does.
  (Although at it stands now, of 10 icons 8 are identical, which makes 
   me wonder if icons are good there)

Cleaning this up will leave just a single window ("file selector"), and reduce 
clutter. Is this planned or was it ever considered?

- Volodya

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