Color completion patch

Matt Rogers mattr at
Tue Mar 15 02:33:14 UTC 2005

On Monday 14 March 2005 05:56 pm, Adam Treat wrote:
> On Monday 14 March 2005 5:48 pm, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> > Looks great! But please make sure richtext will not go to the completion
> > box for lower kde(kate) versions that we still support.
> > PS: Of course, my comment is valid if your patch is accepted by kate
> > people;)
> Not only that, but we'll need a color completion config option for those
> who don't want color (which some people have actually expressed).  Plus, we
> don't want completion to break for those KTE editors that don't support
> richtext completion.  So, there has to be a way to turn it off with a
> config option. If it is off by default it shouldn't be a problem, right?

sounds like the smart thing to do imho.

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