Qt4 under KDevelop 3.x-svn?

Steven T. Hatton hattons at globalsymmetry.com
Tue Jun 14 01:36:12 UTC 2005

I'm not sure if I ever got a definitive answer on this.  I have not been able 
to create a new project and have it imported into my SVN server.  My server 
uses http with basic authentication.  The server itself works when accessed 
from the commandline using svn.

Does anybody have this working?  I'm open to suggestions of how to get it 
working, but I would really like to know if the person providing the 
suggestion actually has a working setup.

What happens for me is that the project is created with all the files, the SVN 
integrator then tries to import the project to the server, then deletes the 
local copy after failing to import it into the repository.  It then attempts 
to checkout a project that does not exist.


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