Qt4 under KDevelop 3.x-svn?

Eike Welk eike.welk at post.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Jun 14 18:31:31 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 19:16, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> The script you pointed to tells me how to set up a KDE4
> environment.  That is not what I'm trying to do.

Maybe I don't get what the problem really is, but you can change the 
environments of build process and program already. (At least with 
KDevelop 3.0.2). 
Go to Project->Options   and then to the 
Make Options and Run Options  tabs.
Put the necessary environment variables there. (Those from the bash 
script that you mentioned).

HTH, Eike.

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